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December 10, 2021
Ah, hello, long-neglected web page. I don't suspect too many people check this site, but I have it, so I suppose I should update it from time to time.

So: first things first. 
My publisher, Allium Press of Chicago, is closing up shop as of January 2022. This is, of course, very sad for me (selfishly) and also very sad for the rest of the world, because Allium has put out some fantastic books, both stand-alone and serials. I hope they will still be available on other platforms, as each of them is unique and captivating.

I don't know, at this point ("this point" is December 2021), what will become of "Sync." For now, anyone who wants a physical copy can contact me on this blog, and I will hook you up. Or email me directly at 

In other news:

Once in a while, I get asked if I am still writing. The answer is yes, of course, but I tend to be pretty private about sharing the details. I like to write for myself, because I enjoy it, and not out of a sense of obligation. Obligation kind of takes all the fun out of it. 

I do other things as well. I changed jobs, for one. Though I stayed in the same field, so I am still working as a veterinarian. I suppose nothing ever really changes.

I've been enjoying some distractions of the modern age!
Some of my favorite podcasts:
     -Ologies with Ali Ward ( - learn lurid details about things that you might not have ever wondered about before!
     -Stargatezing ( with Mary and Kathy - quirky, funny discussions of every individual episode of that classic late-90's/aughts SciFi show "Stargate!" Maybe next, they will do Farscape. Or Lexx. Man, it was just a great decade for cheesy, decadent sci-fi TV.
     -the Bookshop Podcast ( with Mandy Jackson-Beverly - interviews with indie booksellers and authors. I was one of the authors! so obviously I am a bit biased. But objectively it's a great podcast, particularly if you are a bibliophile and want to know about indie booksellers in (or out of) your area!

Books! books books books.
     -I got a gig reviewing books for the New York Journal of Books, which is pretty sweet, because thus far I have had the very great pleasure of reviewing some awesome books. These include "Unity" by Elly Bangs, "No Gods No Monsters" by Cadwell Turnbull, "Never Saw Me Coming" by Vera Kurian, and "Trashlands" by Alison Stine. (I am not mentioning the books that I deemed less than awesome, because these things are subjective. Those four, though, I subjectively truly loved.)

     -Also, I am currently well and truly obsessed with Martha Wells's Murderbot Diaries. I mean, obsessed. The entire series. It is. So. Good.

     -Just finished Ann Leckie's "Imperial Radch" trilogy, and then I had to sit down for a while. And have some tea. And sing a little song. Zounds.

     -actually I could use a few recommendations here. It seems my attention span is sputtering to a grinding halt. I'm open to all suggestions.

Right, I think that's enough. If something important happens, I'll update later.


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December 3, 2021
I commissioned some artwork! By @cryptidmar. I love it.

April 5, 2021: I was featured on Mandy Jackson-Beverly's "The Bookshop Podcast" - a podcast about indie bookstores and authors! Very honored to be a part of it!