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Every day we each make thousands of decisions. Sometimes it’s the big ones that change our lives, sometimes it’s the tiny ones. What if all the choicesnot made led to billions of alternate realities where different versions of our lives unwind?

On a cold and rainy night in New England, the paths of two strangers collide—a young man fleeing from his past, and a forty-something woman dreading what her future holds. When his past catches up to him, the two of them embark on a journey of danger, adventure, and self-discovery.

Ultimately, they each need to face the question, How far would you go to help someone in need?


Advance Praise for Sync

“Kyle’s adventure moves fast, ably handling both the science of multiverse theories and the thrilling dangers represented by the lab’s goons.
Some questions remain open at the end…but they don’t diminish the book’s fun and excitement…an engrossing multiverse adventure.”
—Michelle Anne Schingler, Foreword Reviews

“A mind-bending, thrilling story of parallel universes with real-world consequences, Kyle’s Sync twists and turns until it delivers a final explosive punch.
Jamie Freveletti, Internationally bestselling and award-winning author of Blood Run

“The stakes and the villains throughout remain realistic and believable, and Brigid’s aggressive normalcy lends her great charm as a protagonist.
There’s a solid supporting cast as well; even relatively minor characters like Jason’s family get strong, poignant moments to shine and to help save the day.
A well-executed debut whose compellingly human cast enriches the standard ‘parallel universe’ science-fiction trope.” Kirkus

“If you’re tired of preposterous protagonists who never misstep, pick up K. P. Kyle’s debut, Sync. Featuring flesh-and-blood characters
facing impossible odds and uncertain futures, Kyle tackles the mind-boggling concept of parallel universes to deliver this twisty, fast-paced adventure.”
—Julie Hyzy, bestselling author of Virtual Sabotage

$18.99 USD | 978-0-9996982-3-5 | May 14, 2019